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在ナッシュビル総領事館 首席領事 小林成信


(From Consular Office of Japan in Nashville)

How do you do?  Last year at the end of August, I came to the Consul’s General’s Office in Nashville to take after Deputy Consul’s General Mr. Funayama’s place.  Last December I came to New Orleans to participate the Boh-nen kai, the annual membership meeting event by Japan Club of New Orleans.

During the visit, I am thankful for having the opportunity to be able to talk with everyone.  After I started to work at the office in Nashville, I came to New Orleans in last October and December.  In these two visits, I met with many of the club members, the city officials and Honorary Consul of General of Japan Donna Frache.  I was able to learn some aspects of New Orleans by attending Japan Fest preparation meetings, visiting Japanese Garden, French Quarter, New Orleans Museum of Art and etc.
It was a short period of time in New Orleans.  I am looking forward to attending many more events in the future.

As I spoke before, Japan and the US are not distant countries.  There is no country between us. We are located next to each other through the Pacific Ocean.  In the political relationship, Prime Minister Hatoyama visited the US last September, and President Obama visited Japan last November.

The new leaders of both countries are working quickly to build a relationship.  In the economic relationship, there are many Japanese companies located  in the US.  Likewise, there are also many US companies located in Japan.  In the sport world, Americans are the Sumo wrestling champions in Japan.

In the U.S. Baseball Player Matsui is the MVP in the World Series.  As a person who works in the relationship between these countries, I have a special feeling of respect to you for standing at the forefront of all these events.

I have so far heard about the business of Consul General’s Office in New Orleans from other colleagues who are working longer than me.  By providing opportunity to assist everyone, I hope that you feel the Consul’s General’s Office as close as it used to be.  For example, Japan Fest in New Orleans held in October is a wonderful event.  The Consul General’s Office in Nashville will keep continued effort to assist this event recognized as the biggest event in the region.  We will also continue the effort to assist Japanese Saturday School and Japanese Garden in New Orleans.

At last, I hope that it will be a great year this year to everyone.  Happy New Year.
Translated by S.K.

Shigenobu Kobayashi, Deputy Consul-General
Consulate-General of Japan
1801 West End Ave., Suite 900
Nashville TN 37203, USA